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IUCLID 5 Hosting


In order to run IUCLID 5 on more than one workstation you would most probably want a client/server installation. But the knowledge, hardware and time is not neccessarily available in each company.

To help you concentrate on your business we offer the hosting of IUCLID 5 which is then made available over the internet. Using this setup the only thing you have to do on each client machine is to install the Java Runtime Environment in version 1.5 or higher.


IUCLID 5 Basic Hosting 200 €/month:

  • Installation ready for use in max. 48 hours
  • Available on all your PCs, no installation on your side required
  • 50 GB space
  • Redundant nightly backups
  • Access via Internet using authentication and/or IP filter
  • Installation of updates and plugins for IUCLID 5
  • Optional: Secure VPN (Virtual Private Networking) Access (OpenVPN, PPTP, etc.)

A demonstration server is available, please leave us a note that we can send you the access information.

In addition to IUCLID 5 Hosting we offer Inhouse Trainings on IUCLID 5 Administration and Usage.


If you are interested in our service, please feel free to contact us for an offer.

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