Welcome to Jansen-Systems


Jansen-Systems is located in Solingen (German) and offers custom solution for IT problems. Our services include development of custom software solutions using different techniques and plattforms, consulting and administration.

One major skill is the development of Java-based Desktop-Applications and J2EE-based Webapplications especially using the GRAILS webframework.

We have several years of experience in the chemical industry thus the second major skill is supporting the chemical industry in establishing a REACH compliant IT infrastructure like the support, training and hosting of IUCLID 5. Additionally we offer the development of tools for Substance Volumen Tracking (SVT) needed by the REACH legislation, IUCLID 5 data migration and Pre-Registration XML utilities.

On the server-side we are supporting Gentoo-, Ubuntu- or other Linux distributions and provide wide knowledge in the administration of Linux-based server.

If you have any questions or like to get an offer for a project please visit the contact page.